4 days until I Leave!

Life has continued to be crazy busy…

Thankfully we have put some things in place to settle work down enough that I can calm my mind and leave for Kona and not be a stress ball.  I have an amazing team at the gym, and that makes a HUGE difference!!

Balancing Work, Family and Training has indeed been really tough…. but I have done what I could….

I have amassed over 53kms of swimming, 705kms of cycling and nearly 180kms of running.

I even (finally) remembered to get in the tanning bed a few times to start a little base for my poor white Canadian it-snowed-in-September body.

I have been working hard with Ben Olliver at Kashey Nutrition to really tighten up my fueling and I think we are right on track.  My Naturopathic Doc, Dr Day has me on higher fish oils and Vitamin D as well as a really solid vitamin base and added Magnesium.  Dr Fox has been amazing with the chiropractic, cupping, Graston and ART sessions to keep my body strong and healing.  Travis at Sylvan Physiotherapy has worked miracles in getting my shoulder, knee and fingers working.  I feared that my shoulder would never come back around, but we have it to near normal, and I swim well again.

I have just a bit of work left that I will do, and then I focus on packing, logistics and getting ready.

the race jerseys are set to arrive the end of next week, and Lyle will bring them to Kona for me.

Castaway Sports in town has dialed in my bike and it is race ready.

I have been interviewed by 2 newspapers and a radio station, and the gofundme campaign, while slow….is at least something to help.

We WILL get this documentary finished, I WILL cross that finish line!

Talk more soon!

Thanks for all the support!!!!


Kaden drew this on the whiteboard at home.  It’s the Ultraman Logo (from memory) and a heart surrounding it to protect me.


The long weighted vest hikes each Sunday…. and my bike at Castaway Sports for a tune up!

Vitamin Drip at Healing Hands, courtesy of Dr Day ND, and Interviewing Dr C Gaudelli – my Orthopedic Surgeon.

p.s. – Please share this link or help if you can….




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