An update at long last!

Hey everyone!!!

I haven’t done an update in a long time, my apologies!  Things are going GREAT!

ok….there are some challenges, but that’s life!!!

It still hurts to type, so I made a video.

Saw the surgeon today and there is lots of good new bone growth in the breaks, so that’s awesome!

Will be a while yet before I can have the metal out and start training… I am being patient…..ish.

I am excited to see my coach, Craig Percival take on 8 Ironmans in 8 Days in every province of Australia in a few days!!  He’s raising money for wheelchairs.

If you didn’t see it on Facebook – my friend Darwin Holt made me a skull carving to commemorate my return to health, I was FLOORED by the gift!!!

20160123_115257 20160123_111837

ok… on the video!!

Thanks for checking in!!!!


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