What am I up to this year?

Half Ironman in Sylvan Lake end of July.

Ironman Canada end of August (if it doesn’t go – I am organizing a local Full Iron)

Ultraman World Championships, November.

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Training is starting to pick up and get more solid.  I raced Ironman 70.3 in Whistler, and had a great day!  Goal was a steady training race, completed in under 6 hours.  In spite of a bike mechanical costing me about 10 minutes, I finished in 5:53.  Felt great and raced smart!  Nutrition was good and no issues!

Now to focus on the big race!!

Still on the comeback trail, and my first triathlon is coming up fast

It has been 20 months since my near fatal crash at Ultraman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii…. and It has not been easy…. but I am still here, and till dreaming of racing again….  We are meeting this coming week to discuss the film and how to finish it.  My training is slowly gaining ground and my newly repaired knee is improving all the time.

Each race gives me focus, a goal and a deadline

kSince 2004, when I decided to see if I could complete a Half Iron Distance triathlon, my life has never been the same!  I had to re-learn how to swim at age 35.  I hadn’t run since high school – when I crushed my back in a gymnastics injury.  I hired a coach and began to train.  I bought a bike, and a wetsuit, and learned about running shoe selection and so much more.  When race season arrived a scant 8 months later, my first event, a small Sprint Triathlon: I thought I was going to collapse!  I had never done anything so hard in my life, but not only did I finish, I did very well!  The next race was the same, just twice as long: and Olympic distance.  Then came the Half Iron distance race, and I placed 8th in my age group.  I got a spot to Ironman Canada in Penticton, leaving me just 5 weeks to double all of my training distances.  It was super hard, and I learned a ton, but I finished my first Ironman in 11 hours and 57 minutes.  From there, I have enjoyed races of all distances in all sorts of places around the world.  Each race gives me a goal and a deadline, they keep me focused, and every race gives me more experience, which I then pass along to my clients.  I share every bit of my knowledge with my athletes, so that they can truly enjoy their first race experience, instead of stumbling around lost.  I hold my clients accountable through an online coaching program where each workout is planned and then carefully reviewed and adjusted as required.

Over 30 races, in 4 Countries’

I have competed in over 30 races internationally and around my home, from Sprint Triathlon to Ultraman Canada.   10k, Half and Full Marathons, Spartan racing, Cycling events, and more.  In 2011 I was the 4th man across the finish line at Ultraman Canada, a 10km swim, 421km bike and 84.4km run.

In 2013 I have been selected as one of 35 people in the world to race in the Ultraman World Championships in Kona Hawaii I have been on team Canada for the World Long Course Triathlon Championships in Holland and Australia.

I am VERY honored to have been selected as one of Hammer Nutrition’s Sponsored Ambassador Athletes!  I LOVE Hammer’s products and cannot imagine racing without them!  I love being able to feed my 20 month old son Hammer Bars and a drink of HEED without a single worry.  I know the ingredients are truly healthy and safe, with no compromises!

Click the photo to go directly to Hammer Nutrition Canada AND, if you buy stuff and use the coupon code McDermott5  and you will SAVE money!!  Woot Woot!