August is EXCITING!!!

Hey everyone!!

Well, after a few weeks of calling, emailing and more, we are gaining ground on an idea!!

It occured to me and Darren early July that we really miss going to the movies.  The theatres in our province have opened, but with no new Hollywood releases, they are all playing old stuff.  Which is kind of cool – but what hit us – was that it was a HUGE opportunity!  We almost called each other in the same moment to share the same idea:  What if we private booked a bunch of theatres and got Living the Warrior Code out to Alberta as a ‘festival’ tour, to fundraise for the music licence rights……

And then we went ballistic with our efforts and we are nearly ready to announce dates!!!

Talk about exciting!!

The Movie will be FREE, and we ask that you consider a donation to help us pay the fees to get our film out to the world.  Simple.

It is a good reminder to always look for the opportunities within chaos.  We would _never_ be able to do this, if the normal summer blockbusters were contractually taking all of the ‘good’ movie times.  Right now – anything goes!  Amazing!!

We are super thrilled to work with a private theatre owner in Leduc/Wetaskiwin as well as Landmark Cinemas to pull this off!  It is a risk for sure – we could spend thousands on theatre rental and not raise enough through the donations…. but I don’t think that is what will happen.  I think we will sell out every (covid limited) theatre!

So that is the quick update for now!

Stay tuned to for updates and theatre schedule as well as ticket reservation link when it is ready.


p.s. – the fun triathlon is on Saturday at Gull Lake – 8am.

Keep shining!!

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