About Scott’s Writing

Scott has written several books (If Your Body Were a Car, You Wouldn’t Treat it this Way, The 12 Week Workout Journal, and a few recipe book collaborations), and has been writing for a few local papers since 2004.  His articles have been featured in the Sylvan Lake News, Red Deer Express and more recently in Life Quote Journal with Maria Rae to rave reviews.  Combining real world experience with a natural writing style that feels more like a conversation than anything, Scott has a great way of communicating complex scientific, opinion and relative facts into useful, easy to remember and understand explanations.  Scott truly walks the talk, and practices what he preaches, this alone makes his writing accurate and dependable.  One of the most common comments from people who have read Scott’s work is that “It feels like he is standing here talking right to me”.

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Why this book is for you

There are many, many books in the world on fitness and nutrition, but most are incomplete.  They are focused on a fad diet, or very restricted or off balance plan.  Many  feature a heavy focus on a diet, but nothing on motivation or exercise.  This book has everything you need in it: Nutrition, Motivation, Structure, Meal Plans, Exercises, Facts, Tips, Tricks, Inspirational Sayings and lots of great graphics and illustrations.  It really is a complete companion for you, and is even in a spiral bound format, in SPITE of the experts saying this is a bad move in a marketing sense.  Scott stuck to his principals on this point, because above all, he wants the book to be USED, not just read.  Spiral bound means you can leave the recipe open while you cook, you can leave the exercise page open while you work out, and you can refer to the book over, and over again.

Scotts Story

This book is about making fitness simple.    The pages are full of motivation, exercises, nutrition plans, recipes, and facts on getting fit.  But more than that, it is a complete collection of all you need, to get started on your fitness journey, right now. You’ve waited long enough to truly enjoy your life, let’s get going