Nov 18: Total Course Recon Trip

Well…..the day started with a looong night.  Hilary had some tea late last night, which had caffeine…. which she has done before, no big deal.  But Kaden woke at 12:30 to feed, when normally he doesn’t get up until 3am.  He got a full hit of caffeine and was wide awake until 3am….and so were…

Nov 17: Hot and Sticky!

Today started with an early morning 3km swim in the ocean. I know I have talked about it already, but I just cannot say enough, how amazing it is to swim here.  In Sylvan Lake, I count beer bottles and cans left by the …..well, I better not state my opinion of such people here……..

Nov 16, Volcano Ride #1

Lots more coughing this morning to wake up – hope my lungs are finally clearing the last of this green guck…. After some family time, it was time to prep and head up to the top of the K3 for a ride up the Mamalahoa highway. My crew chief Darren and his Father in Law…

Nov 15: Swim, Bike, Run, Beach

Another amazing day.  Coughing fit again at 3am, to clear out a large green…..well, you know.  Lungs telling me stuff is in, that needs to be out.  Woke Kaden and Hilary…again.  🙁  Got him back to bed, and then he woke up at 5:45am, ready to play!  Thankfully Hilary took him out of our room,…

Nov 14th: finaly feeling good again!

I had woken up at around 3am with a massive cough set, and after trying to cough into my pillow for a bit, I knew I risked waking up Kaden, who sleeps in our room in a play pen here.  So I snuck outside and coughed like crazy, I won’t get into the details, but…

Nov 13: What an amazing day!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow!!! What a day!  ok, I woke up at 6:55am (10am back home) after we got all settled in to the house and in bed at 1:30am Hawaii Time (4:30am).  Felt like I was hit by a bus!!!  Sinuses plugged, throat sore, joints swollen, ouch!!!  Blew my nose a hundred times (not really,…

Nov 13: bikes intact

Looks like the bikes are ok! Assembly, then a ride with Darren….. In KONA!!!!

Nov 13: Kona!

Made it safely to Kona!  flights were fine etc. Kaden was a perfect little traveller!  Recovering now from long day.  this snotty cold is a bit crazy making, but the moist air has helped.  more to tell later..

Nov 12, flight day!

I just looks like we are moving to Kona, honest, we are coming back…….maybe. 😉

November 11, Grateful for Veterans and in Lacombe Safely.

I did take a few moments today to think about our veterans and all they have been through to give us our freedom and amazing life!  I am so grateful for their sacrifices….  If you have ever played paintball or done a Spartan Beast in, say Kamloops – then you may have had a taste…