Nov 13: Kona!

Made it safely to Kona!  flights were fine etc. Kaden was a perfect little traveller!  Recovering now from long day.  this snotty cold is a bit crazy making, but the moist air has helped.  more to tell later..

Nov 12, flight day!

I just looks like we are moving to Kona, honest, we are coming back…….maybe. ūüėČ

November 11, Grateful for Veterans and in Lacombe Safely.

I did take a few moments today to think about our veterans and all they have been through to give us our freedom and amazing life! ¬†I am so grateful for their sacrifices…. ¬†If you have ever played paintball or done a Spartan Beast in, say Kamloops – then you may have had a taste…

Change of scenery

In a few hours my view from the front of a bicycle is going to change quite drastically!

Nov 11, final packing and test blog from my phone

If this works, it will be brilliant for my crew to be able to update you as the race progress is on November 29th.

Nov 10: Sniffles, Recovering and Packing!

Another day off from training, sucks but it’s for the best. ¬†I have been coughing well, and had a good sleep, so that should help get through this fast. ¬†I felt pretty good today, and it is tempting to push a bit, but I know my body is still fighting this cold, so taking it…

Nov 9, feeling better

I was happy to have Lyn Beckwith, one of the athletes I coach and a great staff at BBF cover my spin class today! ¬†I got a really good sleep, and with all of the ginseng, oil of oregano, echinacea, grapefruit seed extract, AiE10 and such, I am feeling a fair bit better today. ¬†Taught…

November 8th….sick. :-(

Well, I am not surprised actually. ¬†2 – a day workouts, trying to fit in 12 – 14 hour days at the gym, sleeping 4-5 hours a night, I sort of knew this risk was high. ¬†Many of my friends, staff and clients have been sick, and last night I felt run down. I still…

November 7th, Final Race Crew Meeting in Canada

Another great day! ¬†I needed to cover a class for a sick trainer today, so moved my run up and hit the treadmill at 7:30am for some hill repeats. ¬†Good times! ¬†Felt awesome, but honestly the hardest part (sorry folks) was not being able to fart, because I was in a public place instead of…

November 6, Ultraman Training report

I enjoyed a good speed training bike set in the morning at the gym, lots of fun threshold intervals. ¬†Lately I have been watching comedian Loiuse C.K. on the tablet while I ride – some of the language isn’t for everyone, but he is one funny guy! ¬†Hilarious! ¬†Helps to get through some of the…