UMWC Day 2 – More later…. too tired to say much….but….

holy crap…. That was without question the HARDEST bike ride I have ever done!! I will write more later….. unreal…..  my crew are heroes. 13.000 feet of climbing…. hotter than hell…. stomach rebelled.  But with everyone’s clear effort…… we made it!  I gutted myself, saving nothing for tomorrow. 16 of the best athletes in the…

Rest up

A long, tough day accomplished. Rest up,eat, sleep, and bring on tomorrow!

Day two done and dusted!

Came in a little while ago. I am sure when settled Scott will send a blog.

45k to go

Scott has just about 45k to go. He has about 100 mins to spare, but. prayers, and good thoughts appreciated to get him home strong, and done day 2.

‘The Bridge’

That gut retching feeling gone as Scott has just  past “THE BRIDGE’ Still going strong, and getting nearer the finish of day 2. Drew has filmed the moment.

Approx 115k to go

After some fast downhill sections, now climbing again, and heading to Honokaa, and Malasadas. Scott has 5 hours in the bag, so still going strong.

Still going strong

Now you see him, now you don’t. 40k of fast downhill coming up!

Support Crew

Getting closer to the top of Saddle Road, and then the descent into Hilo. Scott’s ohana cheering him on. The heat getting to the support crew. Lyle, and Jochen making sure course is clean!  

Around the 90k mark

Riding steady, fueling well, and looking good!

Moving along!

This was 40 mins ago at the 40k mark, just about to climb Saddle Road. Moved up to 10th place!