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The Film Preview is LIVE in our theatre!

Well THAT was surreal!! Tonight, Drew and I got to be in the Sylvan Lake Landmark Theatre – where our very own Warrior Code Film was one of the previews!!  Knowing there were friends and people I know in the audience…. watching this!!  For REAL!  (on the big screen!) Over 4 years ago, I contacted…

Farewell 2018.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Literally. The Bad stuff: I was charged with assault in January.  Yup….  a guy owed my friend over $3000 – so I agreed to meet with her and the guy to talk.  He pushed me into his desk, I pushed back and said…

Ultraman World Championships Aftermath….. Awards Dinner, and Now What?

It has been a few weeks now since the Ultraman in Kona…. I have thoroughly enjoyed some family time and am back at home adjusting back to the demands of work. Monday morning after the race, I woke up in the hotel and Darren and I went down for the breakfast buffet.  There was a…

Kona UMWC Day 3 – The big finish!

I slept for about 3 hours….. and then I woke up from aching legs and a sore um…. ‘saddle’ region.  Checked my watch.  2:14am.  back to sleep.  That repeated every 20-30 minutes until 4:30am.  Up an at ’em!  Morning ritual, including a really good poop, YES!  Hey.. I know…. but look – when you are…

Kona UMWC Day 2 report

Hi everyone! Sitting here on Monday… glowing about the success of the weekend…. and also from to much sun. ok…. Saturday…. (seems like a week ago) The team was up at 4:30 to get ready and fuel up for a big day! Day One I was really nervous and worried.  The swim is always a…

Mission Accomplished!

Across the line at 10.57. Many emotions. Home and safe. Scott will blog when recovered. Bowing out now. Lyn.

Final push

Less than 3km to go. Please one final good wish message, and once Scott is over the finish line I will leave you alone!

7km to go!

Keep sending those good vibes, prayers, whatever. He is nearly home!

Going mile by mile

Still moving forward. Walk break, but still running and doing great!

24km to go!

Getting closer to that finish line! Another change of dry socks, and shoes. Just over a half marathon to go. Pain is high, but the advil has started to kick in!