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Kicking it on the bike

The first big hill is up, and over. Heading down shortly after, where the crew will meet him.

Out of the Water!

It was a tough swim for all the athletes, but Scott has just come out of the water, and looking strong!

Not too much further now

The first swimmer is out of the water. Scott’s crew have his transition all set up, it will not be too long now.

Swimming well

I have an app, and can see that Scott is in the water making his way along the route. Lyle just messaged, and said he was around the 3.5km mark.

6:30am at Kailua Bay

BOOM! Scott has started his comeback race!

Kona…. Registration, packing the van and Race starts in 9 hours

Up early to meet Peter and Adam for a nice short swim.  Lyle and Darren jumped in as well, and we did a super short little swim.  Saw a ton of fish in an amazing school of more fish than you could ever count…..  way cool.  Lots of laughs and a brilliant start. Registration and…

Sending Scott Good Vibes

Hi Everyone, Lyn here. Just posting a special wish for Scott and crew to have safe and happy race. Go at ‘er. Will do best the I can to keep you all up to date from tomorrow until Sunday a blogging.positive mode

Kona Day 16 – Race Friday. Maximum Mental Noise

Well… this part is always tough for me… and today was no exception. It’s all coming to a point now and it gets intense.  The rental condo is full of people….. people I love… and also…. well…. people.  There is a lot going on.  Different personalities interacting, different energies and when you add all the…

Kona Day 15 – Race Friday! Ohana Swim and Meet and Greet & pick up my Family!

The Ohana Swim this morning was awesome!!  about 25 or more athletes and crew were there to be paddled out to the ocean and then swim back.  It was a great time, and I really enjoyed swimming back with Peter Hudson at a casual pace.  We stopped several times and remarked at how beautiful it…

Kona Day 14 – Race Day in 4 days. The Big Reunion has begun!

Up early to go for a Bike Ride on the Queen K highway.  Intention was to meet up with Melissa Urie and get some ‘thank you’ photo’s for our sponsor in common: Entrix Sports.  As we approached the meeting point, we got a text that Mel has a flat…. a sidewall tear flat, so she…