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Message from Scott

Scott is over whelmed with the amount of good wishes, and messages sent his way. But he wants to reassure, and let everyone know  that he is OK. While he is obviously  going to be very sore for a while, he is very grateful, and happy where he is at this moment. Lyn.

Thanks Again!

Just to let you all know via this blog, that Lyle told Scott the amount of km covered yesterday.  It totalled just over 5 Ultraman Run Courses, in a similar 12 hours! Scott was ‘speechless’. Awesomeness! Thank you again everyone! Lyn.

This Is For Scott For Today

Thank you Lyle for the updated post on Scott. So appreciated. We started out the day with Stephen running 10 miles, and him asking anyone running, or walking today to dedicate their km, or miles to Scott. Today the Ultraman concluded with a double marathon, and wanted to match that.  Everyone who posted their distances,…

Stage 2, Day 2

Another 6.30am start today. A 276km bike! One of my favourite songs, and always instantly think of Scott, and spin classes. Christopher Cross-‘Ride Like The Wind’……….Do that my friend…………..although most of the time you will be ‘riding with the wind! Lyn.  

One Last Post

One last post from me today. If you have been inspired today,  and want to help Scott inspire others, please log into, and donate! Thanks! Lyn.

Stage I done!

Scott finished roughly at 10.30 hours for day one! He is in high spirits, super excited. But our tigger has to calm down a bit and regroup for tomorrow! Sure once Scott has done that, (know he will) catch up with family, eat, and rest, will send a better blog! See you tomorrow!

Doing What He Said He Would Do!

Only few miles to go, and not letting up! Possibly catching another two riders!

Stage 1 Nearly done!

Having been rained on for a while back,  weather turned better, and now about 5 miles from finish. He is obviously tired, but still looking great, and riding strong! Oh, yes!

Doing Really Well!

Still doing really well. Catching many riders! Wooty! Woot! Woot!! Getting that nutrition in! Beautiful pose! !

Couple of pit stops

Scott had some small tummy issues from the swim, and while at one stop, found the time to feed some chickens. Had a really good stop, and crew were able to get some food into him. And off he went, riding strong. His improvement has improved dramatically, and passing people. The weather has also staring…