Category archive: The road to Ultraman 2018

Mission Accomplished!

Across the line at 10.57. Many emotions. Home and safe. Scott will blog when recovered. Bowing out now. Lyn.

Final push

Less than 3km to go. Please one final good wish message, and once Scott is over the finish line I will leave you alone!

7km to go!

Keep sending those good vibes, prayers, whatever. He is nearly home!

Going mile by mile

Still moving forward. Walk break, but still running and doing great!

24km to go!

Getting closer to that finish line! Another change of dry socks, and shoes. Just over a half marathon to go. Pain is high, but the advil has started to kick in!

24 miles to go

Just boys having fun!

One marathon done, one to go

Taking a 5 minute investment break. Ice bath, one of Lyle’s and Darren’s famous pedicures! (Thanks for not sending those photos!) Dry feet, clean socks, and back on his way!

More pics

Crew support. Peter Hudson (right,)  and Adam Fox( part if his crew this year)  Hudo and Foxy. The guy’s that saved Scott’s life in 2013. This was about after about 13 miles. Scott is currently near the first marathon mark. Going forward now will get tougher, and tougher. Please send good wishes, and vibes.

Running well

Scott running steady, and feeling good. First half marathon 2:12.

Sun coming up

Cruising along, feeling good. The first 6.7 miles in 56 mins.