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So Much Awesome!

Hello there!! Wow!! Things are SO great!! Training is going so well… ok.. fine, no swimming really, but we are working on that. Cycling and Running are going so well!! I am using my Bemer PEMF device every day and my recovery is off the charts!! (If you want to know more, reach out). My…

UMWC 2021 Training Update March 28

Training is going so well so far this year! OK, sure…. no pool access, so there’s that… but me and my pain cave in the garage have become great friends! Lots of people I know through endurance training _hate_ training indoors, but I need to admit that I LOVE it! I love that I get…

Ultraman Training Update including 2 big events from the summer

Well folks…. with life being as busy as it has been…. the whole Blogging thing has taken a back seat…. But I know there are perhaps a few people that are following this crazy journey, so here goes (again). After my Coach, Craig Percival passed away suddenly 2 years ago, I was devastated obviously, and…

Keep Those Positive Thoughts Coming!

Hi all, Thanks so much for the love, wishes, and positive thoughts. They are helping. Adding this to Scott’s blog to show him there are friends, of friends, supporting him in an awesome way. Blog to follow, and I will add everyone’s names, and comments as they come in. Thanks! Lyle, Steve, and I thought…

Just to Let you Know

Want you all to know, Scott wiped out on his bike earlier today. His race is finished. He is talking, and aware of everything, but on his way to the hospital right now. He is in good hands. Will update tomorrow when we know more.  Thank you for your continued support,  understanding, and being patient….

He is Relentless!

Sorry the gap has been bit long since the last blog. Scott went through mile 65, riding steady, and looking good. Weather now, warm, but overcast. Couple of hours later, had gone through Hilo, looking strong. Crew are feeding, and hydrating him well. Putting in great effort, as we all know he does. Has passed…

Doing Well

Scott is going really well. And feeling good. Had small handlebar issue, that the crew has fixed. Been steadily heading forward, and getting closer to the leading pack!! Started the day with poring rain, and although that has improved a bit now, that is going to be short lived.

Out of the water!

Scott has just come of the water! Just little over 3.30 hours! Awesome time! Woot! Woot!! Now for little bike ride! Yay!

November 1st

Woot Woot!  Another big fat check mark! 8000 m swim done!  First time I have ever swam 8 kms in a POOL!  A 25m pool no less!  Yowch! At least it was the Red Deer Rec Centre pool – way less chlorine than Sylvan Lake Pool.  Still, my nose is running like a broken faucet…

October 31

Another awesome recovery week day – just a swim to do! Spent the morning at the gym working with my bookkeeper and payroll etc, then off to the pool! warm up for a few hundred metres, and then 20x50m Mod Hard, plus a continuous 500m swim, and a cool down set to cap it off….