Kona Day 14 – Race Day in 4 days. The Big Reunion has begun!

Up early to go for a Bike Ride on the Queen K highway.  Intention was to meet up with Melissa Urie and get some ‘thank you’ photo’s for our sponsor in common: Entrix Sports.  As we approached the meeting point, we got a text that Mel has a flat…. a sidewall tear flat, so she was out.  Totally ok.. handled it like a pro, but needed to go get a new tire.

We set up and rode off.  Lyle and I were having a BLAST riding out on the highway – with the wide shoulders, new pavement and sunshine (and the BEST company)!!  We were riding so fast, we missed the lava tube – where we were going to take the photo.  #Oops.

So we just focused on the ride.  45 mins steady, then 3x5mins HARD with 5 min spin out.


Forgot to stop my watch a whole bunch of times…. but whatever….  good times!!

Believe it or not…. we missed the lava tube on the way BACK too!!!  Didn’t think it was that hard to find!!  So we pulled out my phone to google map it… and I noticed a message from Peter Hudson – they grabbed an earlier flight and had LANDED at the airport 10 mins ago!!  Well…. we were right near there, so we rode to the terminal.

We caught up with Pete’s Dad, Mom and friend Shae plus her 2 year old son Thomas.  Pete was off getting the rental van.  Soon enough Pete walked up…. and I have to say…. that hug was amazing!  I could never communicate the love and friendship in that moment.

The last time I saw Pete, I was hanging on by a thread… having bled a pool twice the size of my body on the pavement.  I couldn’t speak, I could only faintly squeeze his finger when he asked me a question.

Yes… we have spoken on facebook many times in video and text… but this was different.  This was real, and rich beyond words.


Turns out that their Airbnb would not be ready until 4pm, so of course we set them up with directions, gate and door codes for our place and sent them off after we packed the luggage into their van.  They grabbed a sleep while we rode out to find Drew (cell died, so he had no idea where we were) we finished our ride and grabbed some food to give them all more quiet time.

Once we got back, they were all were up again and had gotten some food, so we strolled down to the pool to hang out and play.  Magic.  Pure magic.  We talked about the accident and lots of the details that I simply don’t remember.  It is healing for both of us, especially with me being here, healthy and doing just fine.

Soon it was time to head back to the airport to pick up Adam as the reunion continued.  So awesome…..  A quick  ride to their place and back home for supper to close out the day.

Had planned for a short run but this was far more important.

Got a few product shots done for Entrix anyway….. will have to coordinate with Mel later…..

Had a great chat with Hilary and Kaden – they fly out Tuesday – very excited to see them!!

Supper and bed early for once!!


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