Day 8 – Swim Work, Massage, Work, Run, Work, Pick Up Lyle!

Sorry, I am a day behind writing this one….

Another crazy fun, busy day!!

Up early again with not enough sleep…..(I REALLY have to stop doing this)

Off to the Keauhou Canoe Club for the first of 2 Ohana Paddle/Swims.  It is SO awesome!  The Canoe club takes us athletes out to the ocean at the hardest part of the swim course, where the current is strongest and we jump out and swim 2.5kms back.  We get to practice fighting currents in our face and waves and swells – which we face at the end of the 10km swim on race day.  Melissa Urie (Australia) and Toni Hodge (New Zealand) were with me and we had a great swim!  I did not throw up – so another victory!!  We DID see dolphins from the canoes but by the time we got to our entry point, they had left.  Oh well….. I swam a pretty good line with teh help of my canoe escort.  You can see at one point where I stopped to look for the other girls and look around a bit, and I drifted back about 100m.  It doesn’t take much!  You have to keep moving forward or the water takes you back!   The current is definitely a force to be reckoned with here!  When the tide comes out it mixes with the ocean current and is pushing you backwards.  In 2002 around HALF of the field did not make swim cutoff due to the tide!  Jochen, who is crewing for us, was racing that year and described swimming in the SAME place for nearly 2 hours!!  That gets in my head… but I know the solution, I had to face this the last 2 times I was here: you turn right and swim out to deeper water where the current is less, and then head back at an angle.  It means a longer swim, but it works!

I worked on the laptop for a while and then went for a full body massage with Ultraman Team Massage superstar: Juliet Nacino.  First massage I have had in about 6 months…. so nice!!

Back to work until the sun was threatening to set, so I grabbed a light and my gear and cracked off a 52 min 10k on Ali’i drive!  SO great!!  Felt amazing!!  My Nutrition coach had sent me some cyclic dextrin to try.  A low osmolity sugar that is tasteless and might help feed me during the swim without stomach upset.  So far, So good.

I crammed in some supper while working away until it was time to go pick up Lyle for his 10:50pm flight.  Of course he was over the MOON happy to be back in Kona!

He surprised Jochen with an Oilers Jersey!  You will have to ask him about the name on the back, and the relationship to the coach for a German team etc…..


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