Day 9. Ride the last part of the Day 2 Course, and Lyle rides too!

Up at 7:30 this morning to find that Jochen had left at 5:30am to go for a long ride (the ENTIRE Day 2 course to give it a test run for me!!) and Lyle had been up since 5:45, built his bike and was ready to go!!!  I got a few work things handled and off we went to find Jochen!!

We grabbed some electrolytes and ice for the cooler we borrowed and drove the course.  We found Jochen nearly at the top of the Saddle.  It was pretty cool up there, and we had planned on riding up to Mauna Loa for fun, but decided that Lyle and Jochen would ride together and do the descent into Hilo and out past the 3 Ravines to “THE Bridge”.  I had found it precisely on my GPS Map this time.  I would crew for the first while and then we would switch.  Lyle was all smiles as he flew down the mountain with Jo, and I leap frogged, snapping pics!    

Somehow Jochen misfired on his Hawaiian ‘Hang Loose’ Shaka….. ended up with some sort of ‘bird’…. lol!  But the kid on the car got it right!!!

We do get to ride through the most AMAZING scenery!!  Sure… the shoulder is bad and the traffic is intimidating… but it’s purdy!!!

At the bridge, we stopped and talked about it for a while.  I had some quiet time on my own and Lyle walked over to join and then I left and he had his own time with the bridge and the memories.

Crazy how something so…. not much…. can change everything….


Then as it should have been in 2015, I rode off on my bike, and Lyle crewed and OF COURSE we stopped for another warm Malasada!!! Then we rode  all the way to the store at Kawaihai and we all had a sandwich and decided that we had ridden enough for the day and it would be dark soon… so back to the condo we went!  Jochen is a faster rider than I am…. and we figured he would finish the day 2 course in about 10 hours……  Normally Jochen is about  90 minutes faster than me on the old day 2 course….  Today was no wind at Waikaloa, the saddle and a tail wind from Hilo to Waimea.  PERFECT conditions.  Granted… he wasn’t riding ‘race pace’, but it confirms that I will be giving everything I have to complete this course under cut off!

I have been working the past few hours and soon will go fetch Drew at the airport as more of our crew arrives!

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