Ultraman World Championships

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ScottUltraman World Championships……the race is the easy part.

In 2010 I was training for my 4th Ironman and I met a man (Nick Mallet) who had raced (and won) Ultraman Canada.  I thought he was fully nuts, but as the conversation continued, I found myself very curious.  Day 1: A 10km (6.2 mi) swim followed by a 145km (90.6mi) bike.  Day 2: A 276km (172.5mi) bike.  Day 3: Run a double marathon, 84.4kms (52.8mi).

No way….but maybe…..

A year later I raced Ultraman Canada and placed 6th over all!  In 2013 I made it to the Ultraman World Championships and during what was the single hardest 3 days of my life, (in fact, any one of the days qualified as hardest) I had a total BLAST and made some incredible friends en route to a 21st place overall finish.

I am applying to go back to Kona to race the world championships in 2015 and along the way, working with a film maker to capture the whole experience, from training to racing, and submit it to the Banff Mountain Film Festival to hopefully motivate others to live a great life.

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