Ultraman World Championships

Project 2 of 3

ScottUltraman World Championships……the race is the easy part.

In 2010 I was training for my 4th Ironman and I met a man (Nick Mallet) who had raced (and won) Ultraman Canada.  I thought he was fully nuts, but as the conversation continued, I found myself very curious.  Day 1: A 10km (6.2 mi) swim followed by a 145km (90.6mi) bike.  Day 2: A 276km (172.5mi) bike.  Day 3: Run a double marathon, 84.4kms (52.8mi).

No way….but maybe…..

A year later I raced Ultraman Canada and placed 6th over all!

In 2013 I made it to the Ultraman World Championships and during what was the single hardest 3 days of my life, (in fact, any one of the days qualified as hardest) I had a total BLAST and made some incredible friends en route to a 21st place overall finish.

2015 we set out to make a documentary on the process of getting ready for this amazing race, and on Day 2 of the bike course, I crashed my bike at nearly 70 km/h on a slippery bridge in the rain.  Breaking several bones including my arm, shoulder, ribs, knee and skull and working through a brutal brain injury, we kept filming.  Pushing for an impossible comeback in 2018 we captured the amazing journey and you can watch and enjoy it on streaming!  www.warriorcodefilm.com

2021 my sites are set on heading back to Kona, having been accepted once again to the World championships November 24-26.

I am currently working on a Zoom World Tour of the film, featuring a Q&A panel discussion after the movie with local celebrities and endurance icons.