Farewell 2018.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.


The Bad stuff:

I was charged with assault in January.  Yup….  a guy owed my friend over $3000 – so I agreed to meet with her and the guy to talk.  He pushed me into his desk, I pushed back and said stop it.  He grabbed me and tried to push me down, I pushed back and sat him in his chair and told him to knock it off.  I got the situation back to talking, but he charged me with assault (???).  3 sleepless months later I went to court in April.  He lied.  I told the truth.  My friend (who was not allowed in the court during our 2 testimonies) also told the truth during her turn which revealed his lies.  The judge erased it all and dismissed it.  Innocent.  But I paid $9k in legal fees and of course the crown ‘defended’ him for free…. so he actually won.  Stressful?  Yah…..  beyond words.  Unreal.  Whatever.

In March while running down a mountain in Arizona at Triathlon Training camp, I tripped and did a face plant.  My brain was still having trouble knowing where my feet were in space.  I nearly ripped one finger off, dislocated and exposed ligaments, sprained 5 others and one was nearly dislocated, (which turns out, is worse. an actual dislocation heals faster.).  No swimming or cycling for over 2 months.

Meantime 2 of our best trainers ever, quit to move to Kelowna to chase a dream.  Happy for them, but it really hurt us to lose such amazing guys.

The government… oh boy… I won’t get into that, but things just kept on getting harder and harder.  New taxes, more taxes, bigger taxes…….

My friend Ryan passed away from cancer – young, cyclist, amazing guy.  We had a disagreement in 2014 but resolved it, and then with the crash, we had fallen out of touch – I always thought there would be more time to reconnect.

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My birth Mom (Dianne) was fighting the worst kind of Ovarian Cancer.

In August my Mom, Marj broke her hip (at age 85), then a few weeks later, fell out of her wheelchair and broke her other one.  We nearly lost her……

I felt like I was drowning.

Dealing with a brain injury is also tough on a daily basis.  It’s not obvious.  It’s invisible to people, but inside my head, it sucks.  I forget certain things all the time, people laugh and say it’s because I am getting older, but that’s not what I am talking about.  I was fantastic at remembering names before the crash.  At a Rotary club meeting in the summer, I was the greeter and my job was to sign people in.  Out of over 20 people, that I see every week, and have been seeing for 10 years…. I could not remember half of their names.  These are not strangers, these are long time friends.  I love movies, but now I find them hard to follow and understand, and have to watch them twice.   It’s a horrible feeling inside.

Business was slow…. really slow.  When the economy is tough belonging to a gym falls off the list fast.

After 8 months, I could still barely close my right hand and to this day cannot straighten 2 fingers or fully close my hand, but I can swim, and I can hang on to a bike.  Good enough.

Lots of times I cried, and sometimes I laughed at how the universe (God) hands us all the problems at once….. all we can do is grow stronger.

The Good Stuff:

My Wife and Son are such a gift!  They put up with me working and training all the time, and honestly…. I was not being myself a lot of the year.  Sad, tired, frustrated, feeling broken, beaten down and weak.   Not a great place to be.  But I did keep fighting.  I fell down a lot, but I kept getting back up.  Forward is a pace.

We met and helped a LOT of people with our 6 week challenges!!

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Triathlon Camp was awesome right before I fell, and I was truly making a comeback.

In May I went to Germany to see Inge Jarl-Clausen for Vegetative training to heal my brain and deal with some past issues and breathing problems.  It was AMAZING!  Life changing!  It was a huge step to recovery in the deepest sense.  To step back, breathe and recover and see life from a fresh perspective……  I got back and could run without tripping.  I looked at life differently, more on purpose again.  I could breathe properly again, as we worked on some of the damage and restrictions from my ribs being broken.

Physio and chiropractic every week got me stronger and stronger.  My Training got better and better and by fall, I was crushing the big workouts.

Woody’s Half Marathon went well, Ride to Survive 400k bike ride was great, Ironman 70.3 Whistler was awesome.

Hilary’s parents have been a miracle for helping us when we needed it.

I have some amazing friends that seemed to call, just when I was at my lowest and ready to give up.  That’s magic right there.

Everything came into place enough to get to Kona and race, and that whole experience was incredible!!  The friends, the Ohana (family) in Hawaii and from around the world was all incredible!  Seeing Peter and Adam again, and so many others was so brilliant!  The race was phenomenal!  I never got seasick in spite of super tough swim conditions this year.  I handled my bike well on the hardest course in the history of the event, and ran decently.  I raced this year to be whole again, not to suffer and hurt.  I looked around and soaked it in.  I had nothing to prove, and everything to enjoy.

Working with staff remotely, we accomplished some incredible stuff as a team, and I am truly blessed with the BEST team!!!  Dan Johnson came back as a trainer after being away in the oilfield for a few years and that has been a huge gift!  Our crew just continues to get better and better…. and we have so many wonderful members that feel like family.

Back home we had the most wonderful Christmas in our amazing house.  I spent a lot of time with Hilary and Kaden and that itself is a gift.

I am healthy and strong.  Other than 5 lost toenails and a sunburned lip, no other issues from the race.  I feel like myself again, whole and complete.  I am calm and at peace with so many things.

My Mom is back home and walking on her own.  Dianne is cancer free and we hope for the best moving forward.

My Son is amazing…. and we learned that he has ADHD like me, and we are looking in to other things as well from the pediatrician.  That’s good… because it helps us be better parents.

Like I said, the bad was bad.  The good was great!

In 2019 I see HOPE.  And hope is good.  Hope will get us through anything.  I am not a political guy, but I am excited to VOTE this year and remove two toxins that are destroying our province and our country.  Alberta is in a deep recession when the rest of the world, and Canada – is not.  That is a political recession, nothing else.

My plans for the year?

*More family time.

*Business success to new levels of awesome.

*Training, and some racing – but shorter stuff.

*from there the book is unwritten….  let’s play!

Happy New Year!!



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