Finalizing the film!!

I met with Drew tonight (the filmmaker) and we did some voice overs as well as some drone footage.

The voice overs were to correct some audio in the movie that wasn’t the greatest quality at the time, as well as adding a few narration elements to explain something in the film so it makes more sense.I also did some cycling, then running, then swimming so Drew could fly the drone and capture some awesome Sylvan Lake footage to add in to the documentary to round it out a little better.

We got 50 completed surveys from the World Premiere audience and of course, are also using that in consideration to improve the flow and feel of the movie.

He has already tightened up some scenes, fixed some spelling errors in last names, and added some naming credits to folks we only knew on a first name basis.

It’s all pretty exciting!!

The deadline for the Banff Mountain Film festival is coming up FAST and we are excited to get this ready and done!

My attempts to find sponsors has been a learning curve, but I will keep at it!!

Once we get the submission done to the festival, then some funding, then we start to look at distribution and things like Netflix!  That might be 5 months away, but there is interest…. so we shall see!!

Beyond that, I feel amazing!!  Life is grand!  I am balancing work a little better than before, getting in more family time, but still training about 6 hours a week or so.    I have been focusing on strength and getting my shoulder and fingers to have better range of motion.  I am also eating really well and leaning down, which feels great!

I was in a kids triathlon with my son – and he is getting better all the time!  He did most of the propulsion in the swim this year, and although the bike was a challenge for me to ‘be the balance’ and keep him focused, we didn’t stop on the bike this year and he kept going!  With Kaden having ADHD and Autism – riding a bicycle is a bigger task, but he is getting really close!! The run, as usual, was awesome!  Hilary was great with the camera and ran much of the course with us!

So that is a few updates for now!

Happy Training!


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