Friday, Oct 25

Really enjoyed a morning at home with my little boy Kaden.  He’s 18 months old today, and SO much fun!  Then after a Rotary Meeting and a ton of paperwork and getting all the of the Ultraman World Championship Jersey and logo design stuff done and finalized, I got on the spin bike at the gym and rode for 4.5 hours.  My coach had a super tough profile for me -lots of climbing and threshold and Mod Hard (just below threshold) sets.  Definitely a tough bike, but I felt really great and I honestly enjoy riding so much, the time went by fast.  It didn’t hurt either that I watched Breaking Bad the whole time…..that helps!  Got in 4 full servings of Infinite custom Scott’s Factor 9 mix, as well as 3 Hammer Bars and a gel.  Felt really good (thank goodness for Hammer Seat Saver!)

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