Friday, October 11th.

At the gym early to get on the spin bike.  This will be one of those rides that will test my patience and resolve. 240kms on a spin bike, indoors.  8 hours.  I don’t mind riding outside for 8 hours – I get to go somewhere, like out past Stettler or towards Nordegg or Caroline or something…but to sit in the gym for 8 hours….well it’s a good test of character!  I did get to ride the first 4 hours with a lady I coach, who is doing Ironman Cozumel – so that helps.  Part of the ride we just chatted, and a few hours when the studio was clear of classes, we watched Breaking Bad.  I had never seen it before – and am quite taken by what a powerful show it is!  Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed the butt numbing ride, and felt strong to the end.

This article was written by scott