Happy Birthday to me!!!!

The past 8 days have been a blur!!!

The World Premiere was AMAZING!!!  I am still on an emotional high from it!!  The feedback has been amazing!!  We do want to improve a few minor things, but I have to say – the film is unreal awesome!!  Drew Kenworthy did the most incredible job of packing 4 years into 86 minutes, and I couldn’t be happier!!

We are showing the film again in my home at my birthday party, and that will be a blast!!  I look forward to seeing it again when I am not so overwhelmed and emotionally charged!!  We will then strive to improve it a little and submit it to eht Banff Mountain Film Festival!!  From there… who knows!

Well.. we do have plans… most of them involve fundraising!  the next step in the film is expensive….  we need sponsors!!  I have begun talking to a few key sponsors for nutrition and equipment that I used during the race, and we shall see where that goes!

If you could go to Youtube, watch the preview and like it, and comment positively, and say that you want to see it – that also helps a TON!!  We have been talking to Netflix – and they look at youtube hits, and comments…..  So that would be awesome!!

As I said – it is my birthday…..  It’s after midnight, so technically today….  I could not be happier.  I have an amazing family, my physical health is returning big time as I train for strength as well as cardio these days.  Working hard on getting my shoulder and core back in line after a solid focus on endurance at the cost of balance.  My weight is dropping well and I am finally back down to 194 lbs, which feels great!!  Business continues to be a struggle, but I have the BEST team and we are offering the BEST service we have ever offered – just need to find a way to bring more people in the door.  I am also working on launching my own Online Training in a better capacity than I have in the past 14 years to date.  So that is exciting!!

We will have a house full of friends in about 16 hours, so I should get some sleep.  At 10am I am going to swim 1km, bike 40kms and run 9kms to complete a 50km triathlon…. because that sounds fun!!  Hopefully some folks will take up the invitation and join me – but that matters not.  I love that I am fit and healthy enough to do such things.  I feel like I make a pretty good 50 year old and I plan on keeping my life going with this level of fun and awesome!

Thanks for checking in!

Happy Training!


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