Hot, Cold, Spring, Winter: Shut up and Train Hard.

This week has seen me running in shorts and a t-shirt, and full winter battle gear, fearing for my ankles at every ‘run by feel’ step, basement rides, pool swims, and runs that were wildly different every day this week.

It’s not so bad…….

Ran a 10k Time Trial on Friday after a pretty tough few days prior.  The weather was……temperamental let’s say.  It started out ok, light sleet (combo rain and snow), overcast, just above freezing. Not so bad.  Me and 3 other running friends ran out the 5kms on the highway at a decent clip, I ended up in the lead with a sub 22min 5km and was pretty happy with that.  We turned around and within minutes the wind picked up, the sleet increased, we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front due to ice build up on the sunglasses, and we couldn’t run without them lest we be blinded by ice crystals.  The wind picked up and at times blew me a little sideways….so a 45:13 is just fine given all that entertainment.

The swim is starting to really feel better and better, I’m focusing hard on keeping my arms in a good solid pull position and my kick has really come a long way thanks to the training tool that I invented and use.   The bike has always been my fun time, and with some tough rides this week, I feel really good about it.  Tuesday was a 60 min basement ride on my Wahoo Kickr, featuring a 10x 4 min power set with 45 seconds max power and 3:15 recovery.  I was churning out over 600 watts and up to 750 for the 45 second intervals – pretty happy with that.  Saturday I watched 4 episodes of Firefly with @NathanFillion, @alan_tudyk and the rest of the crew on the show I love more than any other…..  that helps with the 3 hour hill climbs and speed intervals.  Love that show……seriously.  And pretty much all those guys have done since…..  am I sucking up in hopes that they could give a shout out to ?  Absolutely.

Today was definitely the hardest training day this week though, the 25kms felt more like 35kms……  the first 5kms was in sloppy, thick, slippery, slushy, snow.  It was not too cold, around -5 C, no wind, but the big thing was trying to keep traction and avoid invisible ankle snapping holes in the snow.  It ‘steals’ half your effort each step…..but once out on the highway it was better as the shoulder was partly bare and most of the drivers slowed down when they passed us.  I got a few slush showers from those that didn’t, but it wasn’t so bad.  Back in town though, the last few kms were really hard.  Legs were seizing up a bit from dancing in she slush and I was just tired…….

Still….another green week – all workouts done to plan and full check marks.

Work has been really stressful, with a staff quitting under really unfortunate conditions that were totally fabricated out of gossip and well….that’s enough of that.  It’s stressful.  ’nuff said.

Next week I am headed to California for a business conference, and out of 700-800 gym owners have been selected as 1 out of 6 who has made major successful changes in the past few years.  I am to give a speech and possibly be awarded a Land Rover for a year (or cash equivalent).  Fingers crossed there……that could REALLY give us a boost on the fundraising for the film, which has been depressingly more challenging than I thought it would be.  @DrewKenworthy and I are genuinely excited about the film, but we need to find out how to inspire more people to feel the same…….

On yet another front, the Swimkikfix is gaining momentum, with my friend William IronOx Pruet from Texas ( @theIronox ) having tested it on some of his athletes and loves the thing!  He has asked to order a bunch more and wants to get a pro triathlete friend to maybe give us the thumbs up……. that would be really cool!

So as usual, LOTS on the go and excited for what’s next!!!

Less than 100 days until my Ironman in Idaho……

Happy Training!


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