Keep Those Positive Thoughts Coming!

Hi all,

Thanks so much for the love, wishes, and positive thoughts. They are helping. Adding this to Scott’s blog to show him there are friends, of friends, supporting him in an awesome way. Blog to follow, and I will add everyone’s names, and comments as they come in. Thanks!

Lyle, Steve, and I thought that this would be a good idea.

A very good friend of ours (that’s my wife Lyn and our family) is taking part in the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii this weekend, except yesterday he wiped out on the second of the two bike portions. He is currently in Hospital in Honolulu nursing some broken bones. Obviously his race is over.
Today would be the double marathon run day (yes for those that don’t know, two marathon distances, back to back. He has been an inspiration to so many and I thought it might be nice to see if we can get that double marathon in for Scott McDermott today. Walk or run it doesnt matter. Do something if you can and log it here in comments. I will share it to his blog.
Please show your love and support for this amazing Guy and share.


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