Kona Day 10 – MOST AMAZING DOPLHIN SWIM EVER! and other stuff

Up early and after a few work related calls and problem solving…. out the door to swim at Kailuea pier with Lyle and Drew……  Lyle and I wanted to both do a wetsuit swim.  It has been 2 months since I have had my suit on and swimming covered in rubber is different than not.  It is harder to breathe, harder to move the shoulders, hotter (in this climate) but…… more buoyant, making swimming a bit easier and it also protects from jellyfish and sea lice as well as the sun.
We outfitted Drew with some fins and the GoPro and off we went!  About 700 metres out, we saw dolphins……  in fact, one cut RIGHT in front of me, and I had to pull my hand back in mid swim stroke…..  The dolphin turned, looked at me and I smiled…. cant tell if he/she smiled back… but I like to think so.  I resumed swimming and the dolphin turned around and began swimming beside me!!!  Like… RIGHT beside me!!!  And when I breathed right, there were 2 more…. swimming right beside me!!!  The four of us swam like that for 6 minutes…..  I cold have reached out and touched any of them, and a few times, had to be careful not to……  It was the most amazing experience ever!!!  I was so humbled by this gift and these wild animals choosing to swim with me….  Behind me, Lyle was having the same experience…..  drew… with the camera… was out behind….. and missed it….. lol!!!  We made it to the 1km buoy and turned back after Drew caught us.  We came across the pod again and they surrounded Drew…. he did get some footage and it was just an epic experience!!  We also saw an amazing turtle that again, was super friendly….. I also saw a humuhumunukunukuapua’a fish….. The official fish of Hawai’i and my favourite Hawaiian word.
We went to Lava Java for breakfast, as promised – so the boys could really feel like we were here!
We stopped by Bike WOrks to get Lyle some c02 cartridges and check on my bike gears…. arrived, so that set the afternoon.
Back at the condo I worked for 3 hours on the laptop getting more done on our latest big program to support my staff in helping all the members, and then back to bike works to drop off my bike for the repairs required to make her race ready.
Drew interviewed Vern, one of the owners there, about the crash, since he had been 3rd on scene that day.  Drew said it was amazing and I cannot wait to see it on the completed film!!
It was food o’clock again, so we grabbed an Ultimate Burger – the BEST hamburger in the world!!  With a photo and a salute to Scotty James – a buddy who was going to be racing this year but had to pull out……
Back to the condo in time to catch the sunset and for me to sit and work another 5 hour block.  I am pretty much DONE!!!  WOO HOO!!!
Some food in me and off to bed!  Swim again early tomorrow…..
and yes…..I had to book the cheaper accommodations……. and we have cockroaches, geckos and a few assorted bugs.  It’s not so bad…..  but I will mention it to the landlord….  $8500 USD for this place (others places were $14k and up).
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