Kona Day 11. Manta Ray, work, Bike all fixed and a run!

Got 7.5 hours sleep last night!!  wot woot!!!  Off to Kealakekua Bay to swim with some Ultraman athletes.  We always hope to see dolphins, but they chose not to come swim with us today.

Lyle swam around 2.3kms, while me, Melissa Urie, Toni Hodge and Peaman swam to the Captain Cook Monument 2kms away.  We did a little looking around at the fish, saw a moray eel and then we swam back taking a longer route to get in 5kms.  On the way back, Peaman spotted a Manta Ray!!!  We got to swim near it for quite a few minutes, and I got some decent GoPro footage too!



Back home I worked for a few hours and had a little nap while Lyle went for a 22km bike ride.

In the afternoon we went off to Bike Works to get my bike with the freshly installed new gears.  This will allow me to climb easier on the steepest or windiest sections.  I did a little 5k test ride and she shifts really well and is super smooth!

Then we drove to the old airport – where the Ultraman finishes on day 3, and went for an 8km run on Ali’i drive.  It felt so great to run a nice easy 5:45 pace, felt like I could run that pace all day!  Which is good…. because next weekend, I will need to!!

Home, supper, work a bit, catch up on some facebook, go for a walk…. and well… that’s a wrap!!

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