Kona day 13. Race in 5 days.

Up early and off to Kealakekua Bay to swim with Lyle and Drew.

Hopping in I have to give props to Drew….. Lyle is an Ironman and swims regularly.  True his distance hasn’t been extreme lately, but he has the mechanics and the experience.  I am an Ultraman with a race in 5 days and am used to swimming 3 hours.  Drew can barely swim.  I mean……. he is safe in the water and baseline competent…. but he doesn’t ‘swim’ like we do.  Toss in waves, salt water and distance….  and he was awesome!  We gave him fins and a snorkel of course, but yah….. he did a near Ironman distance swim today lol!!!

We swam across the bay and I did see the big Manta again, but by the time I could get Drew’s attention (who had the camera) the ray was gone.  We made it across to the Captain Cook monument and did some snorkeling style swimming.  Saw lots of really nice fish.  Then we headed back and home for food.

I had a nap this afternoon while the boys went out.  I am fully in my taper now and resting is paramount.  I failed at that the first 2 weeks, instead working all day between training.  I cannot do that now.  So when they went downtown to wander around, I had a nap.  #smart.

I did my planning work for my athletes today and the newsletter and newspaper articles that I write, set up this week’s recipes for the mail out and then we went out for supper with some of the athletes that have now arrived.  Was great to see Will Rogers again – SUPER nice guy!!

Drew needed to drop off his rental car from the past few days and boom!  Day is done again!

So as training drops right off to 1 or no sessions a day… the reports might get a little less thrilling….

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