Kona Day 15 – Race Friday! Ohana Swim and Meet and Greet & pick up my Family!

The Ohana Swim this morning was awesome!!  about 25 or more athletes and crew were there to be paddled out to the ocean and then swim back.  It was a great time, and I really enjoyed swimming back with Peter Hudson at a casual pace.  We stopped several times and remarked at how beautiful it was.  It was truly great to see so many old friends and reconnect.  Drew got some great interviews with people who were at the crash moments after I went down…. the stories are filling in and that will make the documentary that much more powerful.

I am feeling really solid in the water these days, no hint of motion sickness with just a little preparation – taking Bonine in advance.  Way less sleepy making than Gravol, but I still feel good.  #winning




Back at the condo, a few things done and a nap!!  At 1:30 we had a crew meeting with me, Lyle and Jochen just to start gathering thoughts and preparing lists.  There are a LOT of logistics to a race like this and a simple missed item can make a big impact on the day!!

Jochen headed out and Lyle, Drew and I went for a 5km run on Ali’i drive.  I did a negative split run with a downhill start and uphill finish… and felt great!!  Which is good…. since it will be my LAST run before the big Double Marathon on Sunday!

The Meet and Greet went from 4:30 to 9pm at the Kona Brewing Company and it was SO fun!!  Lots of reunions and making new friends too!!  It was so great to have long chats with people about so many topics that we have in common.  There are 21 countries in the race this year and that was a blast too!  Meeting people from all over!

Now we just finished cleaning up before we head to teh airport to pick up Hilary, Kaden, Darren and Christine.


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