Kona Day 16 – Race Friday. Maximum Mental Noise

Well… this part is always tough for me… and today was no exception.

It’s all coming to a point now and it gets intense.  The rental condo is full of people….. people I love… and also…. well…. people.  There is a lot going on.  Different personalities interacting, different energies and when you add all the pressure of the World Championships starting in a few days…. it’s a lot!

I woke up this morning to an angry review and note from a member that had a few misunderstandings and some gross inaccuracies.  The messages were full of hate and anger and insults.  It managed to get sorted, but it threw me for a bad spin.  I care a lot about people, and when someone is angry, it hurts me.  I know it shouldn’t….. but it does.  I want to fix it, repair it, explain it, make it better, but in this case – there was no way….. and I am literally 5,000kms away….. with my body in Kona, and my mind in Sylvan Lake….  I had to let it go.  I’m not good at that.

Found another dead cockroach in the cupboard….. reminds me of…. never mind.


But surrounded by amazing people and my incredible family, I was able to focus 90% on what I was up to today….. registration, reunions, talking with amazing people and getting ready to race.  Registration is forms, paperwork, and going through course details.  It is also some souvenirs and stuff, as well as the pre race interview with Steve King – the Voice of Ultraman.  I was also interviewed by Bob Babbit – an Ironman Legend!


Then off for lunch at Splashers with the crew.  It is my Wife, Hilary’s 51st Birthday today….. a little crazy…. but that’s been our marriage for 26+ years lol!!!

After a wonderful meal, we headed to Wal Mart and Safeway to buy the race supplies…. there are a LOT of things needed!  We have to plan for a hundred different things that might happen.  Race nutrition alone for me and the crew comprise of a lot of preparation.  For me there is the planned, good, healthy fuel.  Then higher calorie healthy fuel.  Then Defcon 1 fuel.  Candy.  Sometimes the body just needs glucose, or Coke.


Back home to unpack, sort and I grabbed a quick nap – because I have to remember to stop and care for my body too….. it is SO easy in this space to get all cranked up and exhausted.  Truth is, I did not eat enough today…. at all….so I am trying to eat a little more now before bed.

We gathered at the condo,got some supper going and had a crew meeting.  Meantime Drew has been doing interviews for the documentary much of the day as well.  It is an emotional time for all of us.  The air is electric.  We are all here for slightly different reasons in a sense, but we are all focused on getting the team to the finish line.  It’s hard at this point….. I get pretty wired.

To be honest…. I am scared.  I am very well trained and in excellent shape.  I prepared for this.  And it is a big 3 days.  A LOT can happen.  We expect the best and are prepared for the worst.  I do not want to die.  I want to thrive and enjoy a wonderful dream race of hard efforts rewarded by epic results and success.  I want that for all the athletes.  I will do my best, and I am excited for that challenge and that opportunity.  I am extremely thankful for this 2nd chance, and for the support both here, and back home.

The more I hear from others about the accident, the more I get how scary it was, how close I was to nearly dying and how this impacted everyone.  It is good to be here again.  Really good.  and I am scared s**tless.  Which is good.  I will use that to propel me through 3 days.  I know this will be hard.  I know that it will be as soon as we start.  Over 3 hours of swimming as hard as I can against swells, currents, waves and salt water.  Then (my favourite part) I will get to ride my bike for 145kms up and down hills and around the island.  Some really crazy descents, some gear testing uphills and the weather – which can be all sorts of things.

Then day 2, which is legendary already this year.  More climbing than ever in the 34 year history of the race.  I am SO glad I trained so hard!!  I will need every ounce of everything I have to cover this course in only 12 hours.

And then the double marathon on Day 3.  No matter how much I train, this one is always daunting.  30 degree heat, lava fields, black asphalt, no shade, and 84.4kms to go.

But I have my crew, my Ohana with me.  And together, we can handle whatever comes along.  I know that….  without hesitation.  I trust my crew with my life.

Talk soon.




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