Kona Day 4. Swim, Work, Bike check.

Up early again today to get to the pier for a 7am swim.  Lots of swells this morning, but I did have a Gravol when I got up, so no problems.  They make me a little sleepy, but not puking is good…..

My Watch died about 1.3kms in – totally forgot to charge it last night.  Oops.  Funny how odd it feels to swim in the middle of the ocean and feel so lost and unsure without a simple watch to tell me how far and how fast I am swimming…..  OCD much???  Was a good swim though, and 4kms felt pretty easy and straight forward.  Jochen did some video stuff and I realized I have a few bad habits creeping back in with my arm position, so I will work on that over the next 2 weeks.

Back to the condo for some oatmeal, protein powder, greek yogurt, strawberries and sunflower seeds – yum!!!

Worked a few hours, then took the bike to Bike Works for a look at the squealing front brakes and go through the Mandatory Safety Inspection for the race.

Vern was there, one of the owners.  We talked a while about the crash and what he remembered.  It was pretty surreal to hear the account of what he saw.   I hope to get Drew to film an interview with him, as he was 3rd on scene, and welled up a little when talking about it.  I guess it was pretty bad…..

Next we hit up a few errands and realized we were both pretty hungry… so an Ultimate Kona Burger was in order!!  Definitely have to watch the whole eating out thing… it is fun… but kills toe budget!!!  ok… and I have to say…. I am not a ‘burger’ guy.  I think burgers are at best… ok.  An Ultimate Kona Burger however?  Home made bun, organic beef, organic pineapple, hand made bacon, fresh local organic tomato and lettuce….  Yah.. that stuff is unreal!!  YUUUUUUMMMY!!!

Back to the condo… some more work and then we both crashed and slept.  I worked last night until nearly midnight and we were up at 6am – oops!!!

I picked up the bike – turns out the brake pads had sticky sugar water on them from my electrolytes, and then the big downhill glazed the rim and brake pads.  So that was an easy fix.  The crew at Bike Works are so awesome!!

I went out to the airport to see if I could do something about my teeny, tiny rental car.  The only way I could transport my bike was to take both wheels off and cram it in the trunk and through the folded down back seat.  Not cool, and when we add Hilary, Kaden and luggage?  Yah… that won’t work.  I ended up talking to Rick, the local Hertz Manager and he was AWESOME!!  He upgraded me to a mid size SUV (Nissan Rogue) for $10 a day instead of $45 and didn’t charge me for the 1/4 tank of gas I had used!  Now the bike slides right in and this will work so much better!!

Tonight was a nice meal at the condo of chicken, rice and veggies and working a ton on our latest amazing program for the gym.  Exciting stuff and I feel like I am nearly done and ready to hand it over to my amazing crew back home!!  Then I can truly relax and focus.

Well folks, up at 5:30am to go run a Half Marathon!!  Woot Woot!!

Talk to you soon!!


p.s.  If you know of anyone that could help us with the expenses and getting this film made.. please pass this along.

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Kim herderNovember 11, 2018 at 4:08 amReply

Saw Hillary at the pool today. She is so lovely. Told me about this blog. We are all cheering you on Scott. Best of luck to you and please play safe this time.

adminNovember 18, 2018 at 7:16 amReply

Thanks! Play safe…. well, I was playing safe last time…. but I have a better bridge strategy this year!!