Kona Day 5…. I might be a dumbass

Worked too late last night again….  #oops.  Up at 5:30am to get ready for teh Kona Coffee Half Marathon!

I figured… why not?  I was going to run 90 minutes Friday with speed intervals, and a Half Marathon isn’t too much more than 90 minutes….  Perfect!  I would take it easy, run a 2 hour half with some fast bits mixed in.

Riiiiiight.  Turns out is is a hilly course, hot and well… once that gun went off and I found myself chasing the lead pack, I kinda wanted to stay within sight.  It was a LOT of fun to run on Ali’i Drive and I felt good…..  I ran a 1:45:14 Half Marathon…..  I can run a 1:40… so this was pretty close to max.  Guess we shall see how that plays out tomorrow during the 200km mountain climb bike ride!!!

It was really fun though…..  Sadly… Nearly EVERYONE ahead of me was in my age group lol!!!  

Miss Hawaii!!!

Shangrila – one of the Ultraman Athletes competing in a few weeks.  She too thought a Half Marathon was a good idea!!!

I grabbed some food and headed back to the condo to work all day.  I sat at the desk and got a LOT done for 6.5 hours straight…..  had some food and worked another few hours.  I feel like I cam getting there though…. soon I will have the latest programming and marketing all ready to hand over to my amazing staff, and we can put it out and help more people!!

That’s it for now folks…. need some rest!  Another big day tomorrow.


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