Kona Day 6 – Epic Bike Ride, Finding a Bridge and a Malasada

Up early again today after another late night working – I MUST stop doing that!!  But I am almost done the project, and it’s important…..

Off to Waikoloa to set up the bike and pre-ride much of the Day 2 Bike course.

Right off the bat it was straight into a head wind… which is typical for this area, plus, it is all uphill.  I pretty much knew that was coming….Soul destroying, gear snapping, bone bending wind…… and hills……  Good training!!

I clawed my way up to the connector highway at a snails pace and turned right to enjoy a little tail wind to the Saddle Road turn off.  Then it was time to climb!  A quick refuel at the car with Da Jo!  (Jochen Dembeck – an Ultraman LEGEND who is helping us on crew this year!!!).

The climb up Saddle Road is not severe or super steep…. between 8% and 10% grade….. it is just relentless…. and goes on a LONG time….plus amazing scenery, new pavement and big shoulders….. all of which I LOVE!  I trained so hard in the spin studio for exactly this….  I spent months maxing out the tension on the Keiser Bike and my own bike on the Wahoo Kickr for this exact purpose and I am happy to report, that even with a 1:45 half marathon in my legs from yesterday, and only 6 hours sleep….. I felt fine!

It takes ages to get through the big climb and multiple follow up climbs and flats to get to the big descent, but one I got there??  YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  I was averaging 10kph on the way up for hours and hours,and then 60-70kph on the way down!  I pretty much locked into aero position on the nice new pavement and apart from dodging rocks and debris here and there….. FLEW!  For some odd reason my GPS on the watch quit 3 times during the downhill…..  I was curious as to my speed a few times and once I looked, and my watch said 0.0kph…… while I was doing about 70……  uuuummmm…. yah… no.  It was really cloudy up there and rained a little, and I was moving fast!  Maybe that was it?

At any rate, down into Hilo, Left turn and let the work begin anew!!  Rolling hills, ravines, and tight shoulders, plus a bridge about every 500 metres to 5kms.  I was trying to find THE bridge…. but went by it at some point according to my old map from the Garmin where my race stopped suddenly in 2015.  I will make a distinct effort to mark the exact spot and go back.  I did think about that fateful day a LOT back there, and all of the amazing people that saved my life….  good times.

By the time we got to Paauilo, I knew I had missed the bridge for sure and had been riding for over 7 hours, and called it good.  I had done what I set out to do: Ride the new climb, find the bridge and say a little prayer to Pele, and eat a Malasda at Tex’s……

So we drove up, at some food, and then enjoyed a chocolate Malasada!!


Home, Work a few hours, Eat supper… and Day is done!!!


That’s all for now!!!


p.s.  If you know of anyone that could help us with the expenses and getting this film made.. please pass this along.

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