Kona…. Registration, packing the van and Race starts in 9 hours

Up early to meet Peter and Adam for a nice short swim.  Lyle and Darren jumped in as well, and we did a super short little swim.  Saw a ton of fish in an amazing school of more fish than you could ever count…..  way cool.  Lots of laughs and a brilliant start.

Registration and Breakfast is so much fun!  It is an amazing family reunion and the energy is electric!  Everyone in the room has trained or watched a friend/family train for a year for this moment.  Drew and Darren were hard at work making sure they got interviews with lots of the key people that were around in 2015.

Steve King the Voice of Ultraman and so many other races…. went through each athlete in numerical order.  The resumes are daunting and impressive….  people who have completed things like 190 ironmans including 40 podium finishes, 2 Ultraman Florida winners, an Ultraman Australia winner, and on and on.  People who have set records in many races, age groups and pretty much anything endurance.  It is SO humbling….. I feel like a little kid that has been invited to sit at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table with the big kids.  However, when Steve got to my name, he spent a great deal of time talking about our crew and the comeback.  He read from The Warriors Code and at one point said something like: Scott has come back from a host of serious injuries that would have you think there was no way he would race again….   I can’t wait to see the video and hear the humbling words again.  Our team (that includes you) has been through a lot….. will be good to close this door and complete this journey, surrounded by Ohana (family)

After registration, I did a few minor errands and went home for lunch and a nap.

Then we all got the van ready, all my gear, prepared everything and more preparation stuff than I could explain.

Drew has recorded a lot of great moments, and always had his camera at the ready.

After supper, Hilary and Kaden went off to a hotel, to make things a little simpler with our early morning.

My bike is waxed, cleaned and tuned.  I have done all my training and all I can, to be ready.  Now we see what comes, correct and continue.  Above all, we never give up.

Yes…. I am scared, intimidated, nervous, anxious and all of that.  But I am also really, really, calm.  We had the van prepped early.  My gear prepped early.  I am quiet, calm, relaxed and at peace.  I am excited and thrilled to be so lucky as to race again, it means so much…… to all of us.

So I will sign off and extend a HUGE thank you to Lyn Beckwith for posting blog reports as we race over the next 3 days.

Talk soon.




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NeilNovember 23, 2018 at 2:56 pmReply

Sleep well my friend.
I am excited and nervous enough for us both. So you can loose that and let me carry that load for you!

You are in good hands, your crew is incredible!

Sleep well!