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Hey there!!

It feels like it has been AGES since New York, and while I had FULL intentions of blogging each night or every other day – that was so naive!!

If you read the last blog ( Then you know we left off at MOVING to a new aifbnb…..  The morning of Friday we delicately stepped around the toddlers and I said “thanks, I will message you” to the lady from the airbnb that we were leaving.  A quick Uber and we arrived at the new place we found.  It was also cheap by necessity, and also MUCH better!  It was an older little guest house near the canals, with an addition on the front and back.  The floors sloped a little and it was tiny, but it was clean, and it was OURS!  Easy to access bathroom and two beds with a little kitchen and walking distance to the theatre for the festival!  Perfect!!


It was rented out up until a few days ago when someone cancelled, so totally awesome I happened to look right when it came available! (and no wonder I didn’t find it before).  We were allowed early check in and then after a really unpleasant meal at American Waffle House.

 My scrambled eggs were over easy (not my fave), the waffle was so bland, it could have been cardboard, so I added syrup…. which was completely tasteless…. syrup…… with no taste.  uuuum?  We left feeling really blaarg…..  Oh well, checked off the list of things to do, and never do again.

We booted it to the train station to enjoy our one full ‘tourist day’ of the trip, stopping fairly soon at a GREAT place that had actual food!

Then the Empire State Building (to much $$ to go inside, so we just did the free lobby part.

We did buy some tickets for the hop on, hop off bus and that was alright.  The audio explanations of the areas was really cool.  We hopped off at the World Trade Center Memorial zone.  That was pretty heart breaking…. so many lives lost.  So sad….  We were supposed to see the statue of liberty on a boat (part of the package) but it was too cold and they had cancelled by the time we got there….  🙁


By then it was cold and we were hungry!!  More amazing food at one of the limitless restaurants.  I had roasted chicken, salad, veggies and a flake pastry – yum!  Then we set off for Broadway to see if we could find anything, since the online hunt had come up empty.  All things we wanted and checked in to – sold out.  We walked to Broadway and wandered past a few lines, and decided on a whim to see if Frozen had tickets.  They DID!  The super nice office guy informed me that we would be unable to see about 1/3 of the stage due to the angle, but we flat out did not care – the tickets were $57 instead of hundreds!

Back at the rental unit past midnight – we decided that Saturday was a big day, and not worth risking a trip into the city again, so we opted for a rest day!

More later!



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