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After going from fat to fit, Scott has inspired thousands to do the same. Since the year 2000 Scott has been writing an online fitness newsletter to an international audience and runs a highly successful Fitness Centre. Scott has learned what it really takes to be healthy and fit. His lectures and seminars are full of energy, fun and in high demand across North America.

Scott McDermott went from fat to fit and then turned his entire life upside down leaving a 13 year career in architecture to build a 15,000 square foot fitness centre in a small town in 2002. He has won Rotarian of the year (04), business of the year (04) and citizen of the year (‘05 and ‘15). Scott has since completed 6 Ironmans and been on Team Canada twice for the ITU world Long Course Championships. Most recently falling in love with Ultraman Triathlon (2.5 times longer than Ironman) – he has completed 2 races, and after learning a ton after a near fatal crash during his 3rd race at the World Championships in 2015.  Folling a 3 year recovery, he headed back in 2018 for the Comeback race.  The documentary on that journey is available on life streaming:
He has written a book: ‘If Your Body Were A Car, You Wouldn’t Treat It This Way’, and in addition to running a very successful gym, is a coach and trainer both in his gym and online helping others reclaim their fitness and health. His book and related talks offer massive amounts of tips for the average person, as well as experienced trainer. With fun analogies to create memorable connections to why we need to be fit and healthy and how to do it completely, from food, to exercise, to motivation.

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