Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk have more friends than I do

If you know me well, you know I am a pretty big Firefly fan.  I don’t go to conventions or anything, but I have watched the whole series on DVD at least 10 times, plus the movie ‘Serenity’ that followed.  In fact, as the owner of a big gym with nearly 30 staff, I feel a lot more like Captain Reynolds than any other character I have ever seen, except maybe Kermit the Frog.  I watched a few episodes of Firefly during my 3 hour indoor bike training session Saturday as a matter of fact.

Why am I telling you this?  Well…..our movie dream is in serious jeopardy.  We need to raise $115,000.  We can make it work with $100,000.  We have been busting our hump on this project for a month, and have raised $701.  Nathan and Alan proposed a comedy series about 2 actors that used to be on a space themed TV show that was cancelled too soon, and now they spend their days going to conventions to work for appearance fees and autographs.  It’s hilarious and I can hardly wait to see it.  Point is, they raised over $400,000 in a week for their online tv show.

We have raised $701 in a month.  ok, granted, I do not have millions of raving fans who love me, ok, got it.  but I hope, a really hope, that I have enough friends, and family, and business contacts, that we can scrape together the $115,000 that we need so I can represent Canada at the World Championships in November.   So we can make an inspirational movie that will have audiences laughing, in awe, and inspired to go try something epic themselves.  A movie that might just show my Mom (who is in her 80’s and has never and will never see me race) what it is I do.  That’s what I am hoping.

As for the usual update, training is going well!  I am down to 200 lbs.  18 lbs less than at Christmas (218).  As a result I am running faster, swimming easier and wearing clothes I haven’t fit into in 2 years.  Ironman Coeur d’Alene Idaho is in just 15 weeks.  15.  That’s a sneeze and it’s race day.  All things being equal, I will be ready and I will be leaner and more fit than I have been in 3 years.

It was really nice to enjoy a recovery week (only 11 hours of training) this week, to let me body catch up after the intense Tucson Arizona Training Camp (I pushed hard the week I got back and was just sore and tired every day, so we took a week off).

So please go to and donate something….anything……tell your friends, tell your boss, tell your uncle who owns a big company that funds awesome dreams of local athletes.  We have less than a month to raise the money or we are sunk……





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