Greetings from the East Coast!!!

Drew and I have had a crazy awesome adventure so far, getting here and during the first day!

A big storm blew in to Alberta, Canada the day before we flew out – plunging temperatures to -23C….. after raining part of the evening, then snowing a bunch, then the cold…..  So the roads were great for hockey, not so much for driving.  We decided to leave Tuesday night and stay in Calgary instead of trying to fight our way out at 4:30am Wed.  Was a good call…..

Our flight was delayed 90 minutes because the airplane door was frozen shut….. they finally de-iced it and got it open, and then had to warm up the plan for an hour.  Good times!  We got to Minneapolis ok, and found a nice salad bar.

We got some GREAT story boarding done on the plane for the remake of the movie to a 30 minute version – which we think will really help us get into more festivals.  A 92 minute film is harder to fit in we are finding.  We also found a way to really tighten and improve the opening moments of the Feature Length film – so that is exciting too!!  It will require some work when Drew gets back, but will be worth it!!

Arriving at JFK in New York, Ultraman and Epic 5 Finisher Joe Jaffe picked us up and gave us a ride to our Airbnb, then on to Pizza and Cannoli’s!!!  So good!!!

Thursday morning we got up and went for a 10km run around a nearby lake, which was GREAT!!!  Love to run when I arrive anywhere, it grounds me!!  I started off a little too fast (sorry buddy!) and so we ran easier on the 2nd half while having a great time!


Then after a snack and cleaning up, we zipped over to the train station and to Manhattan!  We had SO much fun!!!

We had some yummy treats at a french style cafe, got some tacky souvenirs for the family, saw Macy’s, Empire State Building, Broadway and Times Square!  Have to say – the Macy’s kids section was SUPER disappointing!!!  I was picturing a MASSIVE floor full like in the movie ‘Big’, but it was like 2 aisles of Sylvan Lake Wall Mart sized!!!

That said, the original WOODEN escalators build in 1920 were SO cool!!!

We had a street vendor meal – Drew had a Falafel gyro and I had a souvlaki skewer on a bun….  Good enough!

We made the train back over to Long Island to the Seaford Theatre and after checking in, watched a few hours of films!  It was really cool!  Some really unique documentaries, shorts, abstracts, clips and trailers.  Super fun!!  I will say that quality wise – Drew’s version of our film is going to BLOW THEM AWAY given the work I have seen so far!!!

After a nice sushi supper, we grabbed an Uber back to the bnb……  which we are leaving tomorrow for a different one.  I picked this place, because it looked good enough on the site, and was cheap – and we needed cheap….  but it isn’t working…. 🙁

We are in the attic of a little house, on lumpy old rock hard beds…..  the bathroom is down in the basement….. through the living room and kitchen and down, then in the back.  It’s a little moldy down there….. and the airbnb said kitchen access and breakfast…. but there was no breakfast mentioned, and to use the kitchen, we would have to do the family’s dishes first, to clear the stove…. uh…. no thanks.

Plus we are not allowed to talk after 9pm, because the owners sleep directly beneath our rooms and it bothers them…

oh… and the owner lady (very nice lady) runs a daycare in the house, starting around 7am…..  (not mentioned in the ad).  SO we are moving…….

That’s all for now!  Tomorrow is a tourist day, then films all day Saturday!!

Happy Training!


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