Nov 10: Sniffles, Recovering and Packing!

Another day off from training, sucks but it’s for the best.  I have been coughing well, and had a good sleep, so that should help get through this fast.  I felt pretty good today, and it is tempting to push a bit, but I know my body is still fighting this cold, so taking it easy is best.

It is amazing how long it takes to back up all the gear required, and I think the airline is going to pitch a fit when they see all this stuff and weight it!!  It will be nicer on the trip home, as much of this is FOOD for the training and racing!  I have a fair bit of work to get done yet tomorrow and some final packing, and will try some light training too.  I did get the thank you poster done tonight, with all the bigger sponsor logos on it.  I will have to get someone to pass these out while I am away, and they are printed.

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