Nov 9, feeling better

I was happy to have Lyn Beckwith, one of the athletes I coach and a great staff at BBF cover my spin class today!  I got a really good sleep, and with all of the ginseng, oil of oregano, echinacea, grapefruit seed extract, AiE10 and such, I am feeling a fair bit better today.  Taught the Freestyle Team, and joined in on a few exercises, that seemed to help actually.  I worked on several other things and did some training with the new Rock Wall staff and we done work by 5pm.  Not bad for a Saturday with a cold!

Missed a bike and a swim today, not great, but better to take it easy at this point.

I managed to pack most of my clothes and one of the two bikes coming along.  Darren, my crew chief brought his bike and bike box over last week, so I could dismantle the bike and stuff the box full of my Hammer nutrition.  There is a $150 fee to ship the bike on the plane, but weight isn’t an issue, so I try to pack a lot into the bike box!

This is probably the most packing I have done this far ahead of a flight!  2 days to go!!!

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