November 1st

Woot Woot!  Another big fat check mark!

8000 m swim done!  First time I have ever swam 8 kms in a POOL!  A 25m pool no less!  Yowch!

At least it was the Red Deer Rec Centre pool – way less chlorine than Sylvan Lake Pool.  Still, my nose is running like a broken faucet – looking forward to the ocean in 12 days…..

The swim felt really good actually, steady, pretty strong.  Neck is tight and therefore shoulders are whining a bit, but nothing a session with my ART/Graston/Chiropractor can’t fix on Monday.

For those of you non distance swimmers out there, imagine laying on your tummy, with arms out front, and legs straight.  Now start kicking your legs rapidly, and using a light rubber exercise band tied to a doorknob – with one end in each hand, raise one elbow and pull the hand back to the hip, return to front and switch hands.

Great!  Now do that 4000 times (literally) per arm over a 2.5 hour period of time, with only 5 rest breaks of 30 seconds.  Good times.

So in the past 30 days, I have completed my 240km bike (on a spin bike), 60km run (in a blizzard) and now today, 8000m swim (in a small pool).  I am as ready as I can be after a full year of training.  Now to work on some shorter speed training, then taper and RACE!  Woo Hoo!!!

On a side note – it was a GREAT day today!  Another Rotary friend donated $100 to the team, and to save the best for last: I got to enjoy breakfast and supper at home with Kaden!  I sent Hilary off shopping all by herself for a few hours while we had some guy time!  Love it!!!


This article was written by scott