November 5th

Another Treadmill run today – the roads are a total skating rink and the temperatures dropped into the negative teens and even below -20 degrees C today.  With Kona a week away, it just made sense to run inside.  Not my favorite way to run, in fact, I think I have doubled my treadmill running total for the past 3 years, in the past 4 days.  The run was great this morning, felt solid, strong, easy.


It’s funny how when I run outdoors, I enjoy going a little further than the plan, or rounding up, making sure I get in a quality run.  If the plan says run 40 minutes, but I know I can get in 8kms even if I run for 41 minutes, then I do just that.

When I run on a treadmill, if I am to run 60 minutes (like this morning), then I stop at 60:00:01…….  and I spend the last 20 minutes watching the clock tick over like a hawk…….  I have done long treadmill runs before, they just aren’t really my thing……  But with 2 Canadian runs left before a flight to the big island, and winter settling in hard……I think the treadmill and I will see each other again shortly.

In the GREAT news department, I got official word from another sponsor: Stantec is coming on board for $1000 in exchange for logo, mention and a future talk on motivation, nutrition etc in the new year.  I am SUPER stoked about the support and honestly, floored at how well this has come together.  I am fairly stunned actually.  When my crew chief, Darren said I needed to seriously consider fundraising and to do it big time, I knew he was right, I had thought about it too, but really thought it had no chance of success.  It was embarrassing, awkward, and super uncomfortable to ask for money for ….me.  I am so used to asking for money to help with cancer research, or buying wheelchairs for 3rd world countries, or local kids sport initiatives, or Rotary, or whatever.  I will do that all day!  I run or organize half a dozen events through the year that are all fundraisers, but to ask for anyone to support me….that was just odd.  That said, I knew that being able to do this race, and represent Canada, was impossible without support.  To date my friends, family, and some local businesses have sponsored our crew to the tune of $10,000, which is SO incredible!  I managed to work another $9,000 through my business legitimately, and that leaves us about $6000 short, but WAY ahead of where I thought we would be!  So if more sponsor money comes in to us in the next week – AWESOME!

Either way, I am feeling SO grateful!!!!

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