November 6, Ultraman Training report

I enjoyed a good speed training bike set in the morning at the gym, lots of fun threshold intervals.  Lately I have been watching comedian Loiuse C.K. on the tablet while I ride – some of the language isn’t for everyone, but he is one funny guy!  Hilarious!  Helps to get through some of the sets when you are smiling!

After a quick change I enjoyed a fantastic phone call with Ultraman friend Catherine Becker (Kat), who has done UM Kona last year with her awesome husband Kevin (who my crew referred affectionately to as ‘sexy legs’) during Ultraman Canada.  It was great to chat with her about the course and many tips and tidbits etc.  Picked up some great pointers, and am even more excited to get to Kona!

After a super busy day at work training staff, delegating some of my duties, and training some clients, it was off for a nice swim!  Once again some threshold sets, but actually a pretty light workout considering some of the ones I have been working through.  Felt really strong and am increasingly happy with my swim progress.

Then I taught Masters Swim, and it is starting to hit home today that I am leaving soon: Last Masters set, last Smackdown boot camp class, today will be the last Thursday working with our bookkeeper until I return in December…….  Looking forward to getting through all of my work commitments and packing this weekend!

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