November 7th, Final Race Crew Meeting in Canada

Another great day!  I needed to cover a class for a sick trainer today, so moved my run up and hit the treadmill at 7:30am for some hill repeats.  Good times!  Felt awesome, but honestly the hardest part (sorry folks) was not being able to fart, because I was in a public place instead of outside in the wind…..So I had to hang on until I got gut cramps and finished.  Too much info?

Bust day at work, but I managed a wonderful lunch with my Wife and son at Bayview Cafe in Sylvan (amazing food!), this is a critical thing these days – finding a moment here or there, because I am usually gone before he wakes up, and not home until after bedtime, plus I think Hilary misses me too.  😉

Had a wonderful physio appointment with Craig at Weber Physio – they have been absolute miracle workers with my foot injury!  Then after a bunch more work time, it was time for the final Crew meeting on Canadian soil!  Darren and Lyle came to the gym and we hammered out the final details and cemented plans for skype meetings once we arrive, since Lyle is not coming out until the end of the month.

final UMWC mtg in Canada

final UMWC mtg in Canada

Darren brought me all my sponsored food and supplies from Hammer Nutrition, as well as my freshly tuned up bike from Way Past Fast in Edmonton.  Tom cleaned, tweaked and set up everything that can be done – the bike looks and feels like new!  Giddyup!

The sponsorship cheque from Stantec arrived today, and good friends Chuck and Angele Downie gave me a $100 bill from Lakeside Motorcycle Services.  That brings us to within $5000 of our fundraising goal – which honestly, I never thought would happen, I am humbled and stunned by the support!  Feeling blessed to be working with and surrounded by such amazing people!!!

And to top it all off, Drew Kenworthy finished the Zombie Run video today and it is live on Vimeo – it’s awesome!!!

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