October 30th

Another wonderful day in Recovery Week!

I must say, it was a great day for a few reasons, but let me talk about something really cool.  When we booked our flights a few months back, we talked about options and had to go with cheap as possible.  that meant no reserved seats (costs extra) and Kaden would have to sit in our lap (only a $20 nominal fee, instead of full airfare).  We knew that having a very active 18 month old on our lap would be tough for 6 hours, but whatever.  We just didn’t have the credit limit to do more.  Fast forward a few months and the generosity of my friends and business associates and there I was last night, on hold and working with airline folk until 2:30am – to revise our booking arrangements to buy a full seat for Kaden for all the flights!  I cannot begin to express what a gift this is!

It will make a huge improvement in our ability to feed Kaden and have him be comfy as we travel – wow!

Without the donations, we were really digging hole, and it was getting quite scary.  Now we have been able to pay some of the Ultraman major bills and can do some things to really enjoy the trip and I can relax into the training better, knowing that we are going to be financially ok.  SO I cannot thank you, my friends, enough for that!!

Today I ordered the Team Shirts that will be delivered to Canada, and am really floored by how many people want shirts!  I ordered a few extras just in case….. and I had already made the order for our Kona shipment for the team, and this is all very exciting!

As for training today, I just had a nice 60 minute recovery bike ride – it was scheduled as 30 minutes, but I forgot, and went 60.  Oops…. 🙂

I am still thrilled at how great my body has recovered from the 60km run Sunday and also had a brilliant shoulder massage today from Guy Lacoursierre at the gym.  Ouch!  So many knots!!!

Thanks for checking in!

This article was written by scott