October 31

Another awesome recovery week day – just a swim to do!

Spent the morning at the gym working with my bookkeeper and payroll etc, then off to the pool!

warm up for a few hundred metres, and then 20x50m Mod Hard, plus a continuous 500m swim, and a cool down set to cap it off.  I am noticing a tight right shoulder, so might need another massage to work through that.  Foot continues to feel great!

A few errands and home to enjoy Halloween with Kaden and my Wife’s parents.

Ended up building a wall and gate on our deck so Kaden can go out and look at the world without risking a fall.

Then of course it was time to feed Lays baked potato chips to all the kids at the door, which Kaden thought was AWESOME!  It didn’t last long, but he looked so CUTE in his little Tigger outfit!!

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