Saturday, Oct 26

After working at the gym until noon – I zipped over to the local pool, only to find it closed for a swim meet!  Sat in the truck for a moment and thought about just going for lunch……..googled the pool hours for Red Deer (20 minute drive to next town) and roared off!  By the time I was on deck, I only had 45 minutes, so I warmed up and got in the Main Set.  Not perfect, but until I have my own Endless Pool in the basement with pigs flying around the back yard… will do.  Feeling trepidation over the 60km run tomorrow.  Not only because it will be my longest run of the year be 18kms, but also because it is supposed to snow a lot…..  Oh well.  Steve will be running with me, and Lyle will be providing crew support – so it will just be one step at a time, correct and continue and get it done!  In a little over 2 weeks running in the cold will be a faded memory!

This article was written by scott