Size 11 concrete legs

Hi everyone!

Well….to be perfectly honest, I feel GREAT!!!!  ok…maybe not right now… but in general.

Having the tooth removed, setting my sleep patterns to 7-11, adding 1000IU of Vit D to my diet, de-stressing about work, it is all coming together!

I have been putting in some monster training sessions in the past few weeks since we talked and it is paying off!  And all that in spite of work being CRAZY busy (which is AWESOME!).

Last weekend I volunteered as the race announcer for the Innisfail Triathlon, and that is a really fun thing to do!  It is SO awesome to see the brand new athletes out on their mountain bikes with luggage racks and fenders, knobby tires and bad position….just givin ‘er!!!  The birth of the sport, and my first race 10.5 years ago.  Amazing where it has led me!


The Sunday after that, I ran a 2km warm up, then a HARD 8km race (34 mins, good enough for 20th overall and 5th in my age group), followed by a 22km steady pace run for a total of 32kms.  I felt great!  The next day, I rode in the basement for 5 hours of hill repeats, followed by a 30 min run.  Lots of other fun stuff in the week including an 8km swim Friday. (yup…in a 25m pool.)

I gave 2 nutrition talks on Saturday, and organized the Terry Fox Run on Sunday, then fit in a 4 hour weighted vest/backpack power walk plus a 1 hour fast paced run with a negative split.

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Today was a 20km run, followed by a faster paced 8km run 1.5 hours later – and since it is Daddy Kaden Day and Hilary is away, I pushed my 3.5 year old in a stroller – no easy task!  (mad respect to people that train that way all the time!!).  We ran to Tim Hortons and had supper.  He had yogurt and a bagel, I had chili and a bagel and we then power walked home instead of running, (arriving just after dark (8:20pm)), because, as the title says – my legs feel like concrete…….  It was a busy day on my feet all morning, and last night after training I did office work until midnight….so I am really feeling it.


But I feel great as a whole.  My swimming is consistently 1:50 or so per 100 (used to be 2:05), I have ridden 220 or more kms on the wind trainer and outside multiple times in the past month or so, and I have logged several 30 plus km run days.  Loving it!!!

The film fundraising is slowly coming along, and I am really trying to show a few local businesses that the $5000 sponsorship is solid gold – because they get a professionally done 1-3 min promo video of their company, world premier show tickets, name and logo featured on a film in the Banff Mountain Film Festival, as well as their logo on my website and on my race jerseys.  It is a total win.  If  we could find 4 -6 of those companies, we are in an entirely different position on all of this…..and we need to figure that out, because the costs are mounting fast!  Flights, Accommodations etc are all landing on the credit card for me and my crew, and we are going to have to start getting _really_ creative with our finances soon if the donations don’t start to pick up fast…..

9 weeks until race day…..

Weight was 199.6 this morning and is pretty stable so far.  I have a 4 day business trip to San Diego this week, so will see how that goes – being away from food control is hard, but access to great running and a lap pool near my hotel is good.  I should be able to manage some mileage and hold off the usual weight gain….


And this is something I have wanted to do for a while:  The song of the week.

This week is from my all time fave band:  KISS.  Under the rose.

Key lyrics:  Loneliness will haunt you, will you sacrifice?  Do you take the oath, will you live your life, ‘under the rose’ (I sub in ‘out on the road’)

The more you hurt, the less you feel the pain, and the more you change, the more you stay the same.  But now before you lies a task at hand.  And from this boy, you may become a man.

I’m going to go put my feet up for a bit…. see you soon!

Thanks for tuning in!!!

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