So Much Awesome!

Hello there!! Wow!! Things are SO great!! Training is going so well… ok.. fine, no swimming really, but we are working on that. Cycling and Running are going so well!!

I am using my Bemer PEMF device every day and my recovery is off the charts!! (If you want to know more, reach out).

My training schedule is picking up each week – currently around 16 hours a week. Was really great to be outside a few weeks ago – cycled 130kms with my friend Kevin and got a bit of a sunburn lol! Last weekend was 150kms in the garage…. as the weather dropped back to -3 C again. Oh well!!

Over all feeling SO great!

I also have to say, I am in love with working online these days without the big gym business burden. My 21 Day Nutrition Detox program and 6 Week Fitness Challenge is going SO well!! Clients are more and more international as well as local as it grows and the results people are getting are so heart filling for me as a coach!

The Ultraman World Championships Crew this year is set up as Chuck Downie, a long time friend and training partner, as well as Craig Keller – an amazing friend of my Best Friend Darren Thompson. I had met Craig several times and he seemed to be the perfect fit to work with Chuck and myself. Both Chuck and Craig are very experienced in long distance racing like Ironman and beyond, so I think the synergy will be amazing!

As for the film – I am working on some BIG things!!! First and foremost is to make the film FREE with a screen that asks for a donation if you loved it. I really want more and more people to see the film and be motivated, and I feel like this is the best way to get a million people to see it.

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