So much awesome!

Life continues to be amazing!

(Sure, lots of obvious things going on in the world that are 100% not cool…. but enough about that!)

I have been super blessed to be on several podcasts in August, September, October and November as well as a few in person speeches.  So that’s great!

Back in August another Podcast with Neil Thrussell and Jamie Adamchuk was again, so powerful!!  Click to see the Best u Can B Podcast with Neil and Jamie

The latest podcast resulted in a few connections after a Leads Group Talk in Red Deer.  Once such connection resulted in a podcast interview with Fong Chua.  It was really fun!  He asked some great questions, and was a great host!  It should be live in a few weeks.  Click here to see Fong’s youtube channel  

I have been training sporadically, but have also spent a huge amount of time and effort getting my garage gym all sorted out and it is finally completely ready for action!  I have a new goal through the Conquer Events series to reach 5,000 kms for 2020, having finished 2 challenges already: Hadrian’s Wall (I did 144kms cycling and running in 4 days), and the Inca Trail (which I ran in 8 days)   While it isn’t ‘real’ it is super fun! and motivating.

Plus lately Lyle has been coming over once a week for a suffer fest.


We got the garden all prepped for 2021 with a new layer of compost.

Halloween was a BLAST!  We all dressed up in Star Wars costumes and really enjoyed something normal for a change.  We donated to support “trunk or treat” at the Alliance Church and it was a blast seeing about 300 kids stream by our vehicle.


The movie.. well, that is an interesting little discussion….  We had everything set up to be live streaming after we fixed a few spelling errors and tweaked a few things and then the main hard drive with the raw footage in the film editing format….. crashed.  Did we have a back up copy?  Sadly, turns out we did not.  So we are in the midst of having the hard drive recovered while we rebuild the film from the saved individual components.  We are pushing to have the video on Live Streaming early December.

I have been tweaking my online coaching program and am really excited to be working with a couple of amazing people, and I am really enjoying that!

I have been working with several healers and the awesome folks at the local health food store to get past the thyroid virus I got in July/August and I am feeling better and better!

I continue to write the book about the crash story while I am taking a few courses, rebuilding websites and moving forward.

I am also really enjoying the added time to volunteer with Rotary and mostly, the abundance of family time.


Thanks for checking in!

Happy Training!



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