So… What are you up to these days?

I get asked by a lot of people in the past few months, “What are you up to, now that the gym is closed?”

In totally random order…. and some are LIVE, some are in progress….

Obviously more family time.. but with respect to work, and replacing the gym and the things that feed my family and help others:


1) Warrior Code Film On Demand

2) Writing a Book based on the crash, recovery and races after.

3) Selling a PEMF Medical Device out of Europe that I call my ‘training/pain eraser’ (it is _Unreal_ amazing!!)

4) 21 Day Detox Nutritional fat loss program online featuring daily mindset videos.

5) 6 Week Challenge Fat Loss program with Daily Mindset Videos.

6) 52 Week Mindset Video Program (one longer DMV each Monday)

7) Keynote Speeches for companies and schools.

8) Podcasts and Interviews

9) Swimkikfix Swim Training Device.

10) If Your Body Were a Car Book and E book.

11) Supplements out of the garage.

12) Private one-on-one coaching online and in person

13) WAV Radio Announcer

14) Coming soon: Writing for Canada’s largest Fitness Magazine


I mean…. You honestly didn’t think I would sit still did you?


No… me neither.  😉


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